Welcome to the Park Road Ski Trip Blog from SuperDevoluy, France.

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I will share a Dropbox folder containing all the pictures we are taking with parents and boys on our return.  It will be available until the end of the academic year (July).

Mr H.


Lost Property

Staff checked all the rooms at the hotel so we know nothing was left. However a number of boys have come back missing items which we assume had been packed in other boys bags. The boys have all been told to return items which are not theirs to school and place them in the school lost property bin in the cloakroom area (or better still if an item is named, return it directly to the boy). We would be grateful if this was done in the next few days.


Thanks to all the boys for making the ski trip a success.  No doubt some will sleep for a week!  The boys all have their EHICs and passports.  Left over ‘pocket money will be returned next term.  I will email parents the Dropbox link to the full photo album when we are back at school.



Pizza night last night was a great success and the pizzas were excellent, definitely the best in the area. 

Strange cloud formations and views of rock strata this morning resulted in impromptu geography lessons!  All the boys skied hard and were assessed on their current skiing ability, all have a medal and progress book to show you.  

At the end of this afternoon’s session all the skis, helmets, poles and boots were returned and now the boys have begun to think about packing, but not before a trip to the shops this evening.  Left over Euros will be returned to parents when we are back at school.



A bit windy at the top station this morning and a biting windchill but very mild in the village. The boys practised slalom races today and Mr H got round all the groups.  French children have gone back to school and so the 2 British schools with Belgian and Dutch holidaymakers have had the slopes to ourselves.

The boys slept well again last night and have managed to get the time from when they leave their rooms to arriving in ski school down from nearly an hour on Sunday to around 20 minutes.  Tonight we are taking the boys out for a pizza to the best pizzeria in the area.


The boys enjoyed Bingo last night and slept well after a early night.  Eliot, the hotel dog comes out to see the boys every morning as they are getting booted up.  The weather today has been excellent and the views over the mountains have been superb.  The cloud on the tops was exciting when the chairlift disappeared into the grey and you couldn’t see the chair in front or the pylons!  The intermediate groups tackled a red run this afternoon and soon learned that listening to your instructor is of the utmost importance to improve technique.   The boys descended in the local Sherpa supermarket again this evening like a plague of locusts – at least we are keeping their profits up at the end of the season.



Everyone enjoyed mini-bowling last night and the boys found it somewhat interesting that teachers can also bowl (Mr F thrashed all of us though, but Mr S was hot on his tail). The Sherpa supermarket must have wondered what had hit them when 27 English boys arrived with Euros burning holes in pockets.
The weather has been good to us today and all the groups have had wonderful views of the mountains. The conditions were excellent this morning but became a little more difficult this afternoon as the sun warmed things up and some of the boys were tired so an early night is needed tonight. 


All the boys have been up to 2200m today, we no longer have a Beginners Group as everyone can ski!  Conditions were lovely this morning, but the cloud and snow set in this afternoon and some boys became less confident.  While the boys have had chill-out time this afternoon after lessons Mr H and Mrs I took advantage of the staff only spa, though the outside ‘heated’ pool was a bit nippy.  Everyone slept well last night and the boys are getting better at recognising their own skis and boots (!). We’re off to the shops shortly before dinner and our evening mini-bowling activity. 



Some boys have now learned the valuable lesson of ‘sleep means sleep’, especially as they lost another hour as the clocks went forward again in the night.  Ski fit was quite a speedy process and the boys have been out on the slopes in rather snowy conditions this morning.

We’ve only had 4 ‘lost’ skis, 3 ‘stolen’ poles and 4 ‘disappearing’ shoes and gloves so far – it’s amazing that an adult can always find them and we manage to have a full set of everything all the time!  By the end of the week I’m sure it will stick to the boys like superglue!